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Automate your lead qualification


Solution to capture and qualify your trade fair and exhibition leads

lead qualification for leads of exhibitions and trade fairs

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Solution to qualify and nurture your webinar attendees

lead nurturing for leads of webinars

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send a digital Businesskit with hileadzz

Solution for trade fairs and exhibitions


Increase the efficiency of your lead management by capturing them with OCR technology and start to nurture leads with automated follow ups.

Business card capturing

Capture lead information from businesscards



automated lead enrichment with hileadzz

Automated follow up

lead qualification due to automated follow ups

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Solution for webinar attendees

Use hileadzz as an interface between your CRM and webinar tool. With automated follow ups you identify the right attendees that are relevant for your sales department.

Webinar platform integration

integration of modern webinar platforms

Participants on-boarding

on boarding of webinar participants

Automated follow up

automated lead follow up

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generated webinar lead with hileadzz

You’re in good company!

”Thanks to hileadzz we could increase the automization of our lead process by 79%, decrease the processing time and eliminate the error rate by media disruption. So far seperated systems are now working together smoothly and raise our data quality and the web2lead-time. With the business kits we have the possibility to send leads information packages individually customized towards their interests and can track in the dashboard which of them are in use.”

Head of Marketing Julia Schmidt
Julia Schmidt
Head of Marketing
Scheer GmbH

“With hileadzz I can give my team a tool that helps them work faster and more efficient.In addition, we can accompany every customer on his journey individually.“

Head of Public Relation - Kerstin Steffen
Kerstin Steffen
Head of Public Relations & Market
Data One

“hileadzz allows us to directly build a personal relationship with customers and interested people by providing them with individually tailored information in a fast and easy way. The ineffective and difficult recording on paper of contact details at events, conferences and exhibitions belongs to the past. Thanks to the flexibility of the solutions we can combine hileadzz with a lot of other tools we are using, which also helps to keep most of our systems in sync.”

Lisa Rein IMC
Lisa Rein
Marketing Professional

Digital solution

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