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Qualify your leads with interactive email content The success of marketing in a company is usually measured by the generated leads. Whether the key figure refers to Marketing Qualified (MQL) or Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) depends heavily on the positioning and strategic orientation of marketing in the company. If the goal is to generate pre-qualified […]

By Olga Baginski

Head of Marketing, Fanomena GmbH

Let me guess: The new year has begun and you have had your first stressful meetings Like most of your colleagues, you are now looking for an effective way to achieve or even exceed your goals for this year. Webinars have become a very effective tool in the past year and have crystallized as a […]

By Jan Finkensieper

Digital Marketer @ Fanomena

Digitization and globalization have significantly changed the world as we knew it before. Travelling from A to B is just a matter of flight hours today and getting informed about the current situation in a country that might be 10,000 kilometers far is just a mouse click away. It is needless to say that this […]

By Lennart Hohneck

Customer Success Manager