capture, nurture and qualify


your exhibition and trade fair leads

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our process is fully automated


Your process will be fully automated

Scan a business card

or add a lead manually

Add leads

via intelligent lead sheets and forms

Enrich your leads

hileadzz makes use of intelligent crawling algorithms to:

Gather all available core data

Through optical text recognition (OCR), hileadzz captures all relevant data of the lead business card.

Enrich incomplete lead-information

Based on the existing information of the lead, hileadzz uses logical implications to search the web for more data to enrich your lead.

Add public data from social networks

Crawling of public LinkedIn & Twitter profiles provides additional insights into data and behavior of the lead.

Engage with interactive content

You can create beautiful digital Businesskits filled with lead specific content

Example of Interactive Businesskits from hileadzz

Example of Interactive Businesskits from hileadzz

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Analyse your lead engagement

Track the user behavior of your leads with hileadzz

You will have a detailed real-time analysis on:

  • Opening rates of your digital Businesskits
  • Unique & Total visits over time
  • Specific lead interaction with your content
  • Best content performer
  • Demographics & geographics
  • And many more…

These results give you a better understanding of the qualification of your lead and the overall performance of your content.

hileadzz compatible with modernen CRM, Salesforce und Mailchimp

Integrate your tools

  • Sync with your CRM
  • Use your Email Marketing tools
  • Use push notifications

Using a different CRM or tool?
No problem – we integrate it for you!