Visit report at trade fairs

A trade fair can only be successful for exhibitors if it generates new customers or presents the products in a positive light. Every exhibition stand is visited by many interested parties who have discussions with the stand team. Systematic capturing is necessary to ensure that the information obtained during the discussions is not lost and can be effectively reworked later. A useful tool for this is a visit report for every visitor at the stand.

What does a visit report look like?

This report is used to store all the information that the sales employee can gather about the interested party. This can be done on a lead sheet or contact sheet in paper form or in modern electronic form in a database or with a suitable app. The report should include contact information, telephone number and e-mail address. It should be marked which contact channel is preferred by the customer. Note the position of the contact person in his or her company and, if possible, his or her areas of responsibility. Is it a decision maker or a user? What questions did the visitor have? Which products are of interest and is there a concrete intention to buy? If there is a purchase intention, it is important to ask about the timeframe and note it in the report. It may also be possible to include the frame for the budget in the discussion note.

Why is the trade fair report necessary?

After the trade fair, the internal sales team records the notes in the CRM system. This is necessary so that important information is not lost when the employee is no longer in the company. In addition, tasks for marketing and customer care can be better distributed in this way. The contact sheet often only represents the beginning of a longer customer relationship, in the course of which different departments or employees work for the customer. Further information can gradually be entered in CRM, depending on the status of the acquisition.

The trade fair report is not only suitable for exhibitions. It can also be useful in the sales force to support a structured collection of all important data. The conversation protocol can be used as a basis for deriving further actions. Dates for a follow-up and further marketing measures can be set.

Advantages of Visit report

The following advantages are offered by the use of a professional report on trade fair visitors:

  • You’re recording your memories for the next conversation. This may also include small talk, which you can use to signal a personal interest to the customer.
  • You can better structure the exchange of information with your colleagues. The customer will not be bothered with the same questions again and again if there is a change of supervisor.
  • The consistency experienced stands for a competent and well-organised structure in which customers feel well looked after.
  • The notes can be used to derive the basis for decisions. How intensively must the customer be looked after? When should the next contact be made at the latest? Are there offers to be made and which competitors might have to be considered?

Surely you can think of many more useful uses for a leadsheet. Clever are electronic solutions, which make the manual collection by the office staff superfluous and make the data immediately available for further actions. E-mail marketing can then take place directly and personalized the day after the trade fair. With hileadzz, for example, internal CRM can be perfectly supplemented. The advantage of saving time and the good clarity of your notes will sustainably increase the success of your trade fair appearances and visits in the field.