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Interactive Marketing Content within the digital Businesskit


what is a content card?

Content Cards represent your company and products that leads can interact with. Here you can find some examples: You can create diffrent types of coupons, depends on the information you want to present or gather. The most used coupons examples:


Example of an classic content card

Classic descriptions or advertisement messages such as text messages, gif’s, emojis and many more to increase visibility.

Digital Redeem

hileadzz digital redeemable content cards

Affiliate, global and personal codes to receive discounts, vouchers and many more by increasing conversion rate and revenue.

Rich Media

Content cards support rich media

Rich Media integration as videos, music, pictures and many more by increasing click rates & traffic. Each type of „Content Card“ can include this feature.


content cards with affiliate and discount codes for more conversion

Affiliate, global and personal codes to receive discounts, vouchers and many more by increasing conversion rate and revenue.


Imagine you could stay in touch with all your leads and see the signs to convert them soon

Create your digital Businesskit fast and easy.

Within seconds, you create your own digital Businesskit: start with a title, add a header image, the description and you’re ready! After that focus on your content: choose the contend card type, include content and give your content card the finishing touch. Ready!

Connect with your leads.

Once the digital Businesskit is complete, you can share it with your leads. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between different methods to distribute your personalized content.

Track and analyze the interaction of all your leads.

We use all information (from enrichment to nurturing to rank your lead. Don’t lose time with leads that are not ready)

You can use all information from all interactions of your leads. Nurture your leads automatically and don´t lose time on leads that are not ready.
You can find extensive reports in your dashboard.

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  • Digital Businesskit as an alternative to the classic e-mail Follow up

    Personalize your communications and send individual Businesskits.


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Increase the number of qualified leads and close more deals

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you’re in good company

”Thanks to hileadzz we could increase the automization of our lead process by 79%, decrease the processing time and eliminate the error rate by media disruption. So far seperated systems are now working together smoothly and raise our data quality and the web2lead-time. With the business kits we have the possibility to send leads information packages individually customized towards their interests and can track in the dashboard which of them are in use.”

Head of Marketing Julia Schmidt
Julia Schmidt
Head of Marketing
Scheer GmbH

“With hileadzz I can give my team a tool that helps them work faster and more efficient.In addition, we can accompany every customer on his journey individually.“

Head of Public Relation - Kerstin Steffen
Kerstin Steffen
Head of Public Relations & Market
Data One

“hileadzz allows us to directly build a personal relationship with customers and interested people by providing them with individually tailored information in a fast and easy way. The ineffective and difficult recording on paper of contact details at events, conferences and exhibitions belongs to the past. Thanks to the flexibility of the solutions we can combine hileadzz with a lot of other tools we are using, which also helps to keep most of our systems in sync.”

Lisa Rein IMC
Lisa Rein
Marketing Professional