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The interactive Content Cards of hileadzz

In this short article, you will learn what functionalities our different types of “Content Cards” contain and how your business can benefit from it.


Our “Content Cards” are the main function in our digital Businesskit. Each “Content Card” comes with a beautiful, flexible HTML design. It gives your business the power to present your products, solutions and business to your potential customers in a unprecedented interactive and engaging way.

You can create all types of “Content Cards” within a few minutes through your personal dashboard access – it is so easy and simple. Furthermore you can always edit or delete them – even in active live modus.

Content card types


Classic descriptions or advertisement messages such as text messages, gifs, emojis and many more by increasing visibility.

Digital Redeem

Digital redeemable coupons to receive give-aways, product samples and many more by increasing exhibitor booth and POS traffic.

Rich Media

Rich Media integration as videos, music, pictures and many more by increasing click rates & traffic. Each type of „Content Card“ can include this feature.


Real-time polls, quizzes, lead in and many more while rewarding your potential customers feedback by increasing engagement and insights.

Social Reach

Increase your social reach and spread the word with personal invitation links while rewarding your potential customers by increasing social engagement rates.


Content cards examples